What We Do

  • Choose Colors for Your Interiors (depending upon your decision making style) - You will receive large 8”x11” samples in a few days
  • Room Layouts and Sketches - Brainstorming multiple design possibilities
  • Kitchen or Baths: Design, plan, build. We provide you with 3D drawings, style, and how to plan for your renovation
  • Tips for an Inexpensive ‘Update’ of a Kitchen or Bath
  • Flooring - Wood, Tile, Rugs, and Carpet
  • Materials and Fixtures Designs and Recommended Suppliers for Your Renovatoin Project
  • Use Lighting, Floor Coverings and Storage to Improve Function and Aesthetics
  • Arrange Home Decor Objects and Art Hangings to Create a More Artful, Less Cluttered Space
  • Stage Your Home to Sell in Today's Market
  • In-Depth Analysis of Air Quality to Create a Healthier, More Eco-Friendly Home
  • Moisture and Mold Inspection and Discussion of Indoor Green Solutions 
  • And Many Other Design Dilemmas!
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