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Love Where You Live

Hi, I'm Tracy. We at Boston Remodels are devoted to transforming your home into a beautiful place to live. 

What we do is Soup To Nuts. I listen to your needs, and custom design your space to look luxurious while fitting right into your budget. I help you discover your needs and style, and tie them in to a high-value design for now and into the future. 

We also provide stress-free construction services. Our construction time tables run weeks, not months. Toward the finish, you don't have a punch list - I do. I am fussier than you are! Our standards are high, and you are left with a beautifully finished kitchen, or any space of your choosing.

Tracy has designed many homes in the Boston area and beyond. She began by offering professional home staging in 2004. From there, her customers requested design advice for their current homes, and her business grew into full service interior design - designing, renovating and building kitchens and baths, space planning, semi-custom furniture, window treatment design and installation. She especially enjoys color design consultation.

Envisioning a new color and design, as well as project management, is second nature to Tracy. She brings years of vision, experience, knowledge and results to the table, and most of all, enjoys helping people reach their goals.

Tracy is a certified interior designer, has National Lead Renovator Certification via the EPA, is a Massachusetts certified horticulturist and is member of the Painting and Decorating Contractors Association.


Our mission is creating daily happiness for you in your home. Boston Remodels will listen to your needs, so that your outcome reflects your tastes. Our focus is on making a major happiness impact.

We will develop a new color scheme for your home, paint with care, and add furniture, accessories, pillows and window treatments as needed. We can design and build your dream kitchen or bath. Our team and I will redesign your space to move, or remove walls as needed- we are a Design-Build firm.

If your space has great structure, you may only need to update materials, choosing and installing new tile, countertops, cabinets, and kitchen hardware.

Our process is streamlined and organized, helping you fill in the blanks, and determining whether small adjustments are suitable or we need to dream up a whole new ball of wax. You may already have a good idea regarding this, or you may not. New ideas don't run short around here. Give us a call - we're ready to listen.


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