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Boston Remodels Corporation is a Massachusetts design-build firm and home improvement company. From kitchen cabinetry, to tile, to backsplashes to doors, to bathrooms, we provide it all. We recommend a variety of cabinet styles, and can also custom design and manufacture them. 

We believe you should live in a place that looks like you, tells your story, and reflects your identity. Our mission is to create Daily Happiness in your home by providing design ideas specifically tailored to you, your space and your budget, then following up with a broad range of transformative services and project management that will turn your dreams into reality.

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  • I hired Boston Remodels consulting as I wanted an interior decorator to help me chose a paint color for my living room and dining room. It was a very valuable experience. 

    Here's what happened. I already had a very specific paint color in mind for my living room. I loved the living room color of my friend's house in California and had brought a paint sample back home. However, Tracy examined and rejected it. I was taken by surprise, but she explained that the light and room orientation is completely different than that of my friend's house, and I wouldn't achieve the same affect. Wow....I had to wrap my brain around that advice. I was very attached to my paint color choice.

    Then I did more reading and research and found out more about paint "light reflective value", and how the paint color changes in a room based on lighting. I would have been disappointed if I went with my original color choice. I ended up chosing a different paint color with my new found knowledge and Tracy's advice. The outcome is gorgeous. Thank goodness for my consultation with Tracy. I would have made a very expensive mistake. Even worse, I would have had to live with it for a very long time.

  • We had just moved into our new house last spring and saw the color consultation service Boston Remodels Home Design offered. Tracy showed up on time and was very nice. She was very good at listening and adapting to our tastes and added her professional opinions when necessary. For example, we picked a theme and some colors we liked (beige, pale green, etc.) and she helped us pick complementary colors, shades, and finishes.

    We have already received a lot of nice complements on the colors! The service was well worth the price. Thanks Tracy!"

  • I used the services Boston Remodels Home Staging & Design. We were doing a bathroom remodel. She was excellent and we have her coming back again next week. We have a very small house and it's very difficult to figure how to do stuff in this small house and she helped us figure out how to lay things out. She gave us very practical suggestions on things we should do and we shouldn't do, things that we were not able to figure out.

  • She designed us the kitchen of our dreams! She walked us through each step carefully and thoughtfully. Tracy also designed our half bath and living room mantle. Perfectly! We get so many compliments! Couldn't be happier and the process couldn't be easier.

  • My design consult with Tracy at Boston Remodels was very helpful. She helped me select colors and materials for our kitchen remodel, dining and livingroom. I ended up with colors that really looked amazing and we continue to get compliments over our color choice. She had swatches of colors you might not find in the hardware store, but that a paint store is able to match. She was very pleasant and took the time to make sure I was happy with the selection. The new kitchen is wonderful, her workers were very clean and careful. Tracy also gave suggestions on what to do to update the livingroom and dining with decor and pictures. I would call on her again and suggest her for my friends and family.

  • Tracy works quickly and has incredible taste with both design and color. We started out mainly asking Boston Remodels for help with colors for painting. We had already done a lot of decluttering of our home by taking a lot of stuff to a storage locker. We relied on Boston Remodels for carpet, hardwood floor work and handy work, etc. and our landscaping was already beautiful. We already had a pretty nice house with some good pieces of furniture, but Tracy quickly picked the items that would stay and those that would go. She also arranged for us to rent a few pieces of furniture, and she brought in other items including a large rug and some art for us to use.

    Additionally we added granite to two of the bathrooms. Even though a lot of our furniture is not expensive Tracy was able to make the house look great. We began wanting to list the house for $580,000. Our realtor had come in while all of the work was in progress, and she had decided to list the house for $610,000. When she came back after the work was done, she upped the listing price to $624,900. Admittedly we live in a town with very highly rated schools, and right now it is a seller's market,and we have a good size house that is only ten years old, but after the pictures went out on the internet we had eleven showings first day, three the next day, an open house with a huge number of people the third day, and on the fourth day we compared our eleven offers and chose the one for $653,000 that included $50,000 in escrow in case they didn't close. Everyone commented on how much they loved the home. The buyer's realtor even said that it was one of the nicest homes that she had seen in town, and there are certainly a lot of houses that are priced higher than ours. We are extremely happy with Tracy and with our results, and we don't feel that we would have gotten nearly as much for our home if the design work had not been done.

  • Tracy Mullane is the name of the design consultant from Boston Remodels. She was professional and we talked with ease. I gave Tracy a tour of the condo, pointing out the areas about which I was concerned. We first focused on the living room. Because I had no space large enough to sit 4-6 people for dinner, we worked around the idea of putting a dining area in the living room, and separating it so both areas would be distinct and comfortable. We looked at table size, rugs, and space needs, and came up with a design which I really liked. She measured the room and drew the layout on graph paper to scale. She was sensitive to my needs, including my desire to include furniture that was handed down from a previous generation. We talked about color, lighting, and design techniques which would enhance the look of the condo in general. She evaluated the kitchen and office areas, and provided sound ideas for both. Because there is a pass-through between the kitchen and soon-to-be dining area, we reviewed some paint colors for the kitchen that would provide the impression of space. She ordered large paint samples right away, which I received the following day. We considered some options (moving the TV into the extra bedroom, adding a closet and more storage space, etc) and how they would fit into the design we came up with.

    I was very pleased to have found Boston Remodels and recommend them highly. She did what she said she would do, and did it well. Tracey is both thoughtful and knowledgable. She listened well, a skill I considered essential to the effective communication between us. She provided me with options for moving forward with her team

  • We were impressed with Tracy the first time we met her when she came to our house and spent time measuring and remeasuring our kitchen to be sure she was correct. Tracy's attributes of knowledge, experience, attitude, ability to meet deadlines and budgets and ability to work well with others were excellent. She helped us update and simplify our decor without being overly critical. She had a fantastic ability to help us see what our house needed and kept within our budget at all times when suggesting the necessary accessories.

    We wanted to remove a wall between our kitchen and living room for an open space concept and put an island in the kitchen, build a closet for our washer and dryer and a closet for vacuums. We also wanted to open a hall closet to hang our coats on hooks and put a bench to take shoes off and on and a shelf for hats and gloves.

    "Tracy dealt with the general contractors and tradespeople and when the estimates were higher than we anticipated she recommended others who gave us estimates within our budget. She was always one step ahead of us guiding us along the way without too much pressure. She presented options of accessories and when we chose to go out to look at accessories on our own she was always available to us to help us make the right choices. She handled all of the finances and presented itemized bills prior to every payment. She had good judgment as to how to organize our new kitchen to blend well with the living and dining room."

  • After using Boston Remodels to make small changes in a home we were selling, we invited them back to our new home for remodeling advice. The designer first recommended hiring an architect to ascertain the structure and the possibilities to expand and build at our 1876 historic bungalow. She advised us that it is a "modified saltbox." We then called Tracy back to work with our architect and refine the design so that our space would function better for us on a day to day basis. She tweaked and expanded the kitchen area to add cabinet space by using space that was already on the plan. She reviewed the architect's plan, and walked through it with us so that we were able to see and "feel" the day to day realities, and checked in with us to see if we were satisfied with it, and it lived up to our wishes. Tracy brought us some new materials to compliment the house and our style. We finished the kitchen section in just a few weeks, because we were mixing old with new. I love my new kitchen! I hope to do the same in the baths, and will hire Boston Remodels in the future.

  • Boston Remodels worked out a new plan to save a charming area that our architect had overlooked, and made a better use of windows, light, wall space and flow of our first floor, simply by walking us through it, and moving some walls around. It completely opened up and updated the space, and maintained the old charm of the house. She measured and marked out the exterior walls and interior walls, doorways and fixtures with blue tape to show us, for bathroom and closet. Brilliant! Tracy and her team then remodeled the main existing bath in way that will help us refinance our home, and position us with better value. This is also helping us live through our extensive remodeling plan with sanity, and for a very reasonable amount of cost. Tracy added an enormous amount of value to our house, and priceless planning insight. I will highly recommend Boston Remodels to others.

  • Wow. Tracy Mullane is a true professional who, in two hours, visualized new opportunities for our home. We are a family of 5 in a "well lived in" small colonial. I sometimes think our only option is to move our family into a bigger space but I'm not so sure anymore. Tracy thought of design ideas that would never have occurred to me that create the perception of space and add to the visual interest of our home. Professionalism is an understatement. Tracy kindly accommodated me even after I purchased her services without reading the fine print indicating our home is outside of her service area. |For those of you who would like to stay in your own home but need some updates and ideas for layout and color palettes, hire Tracy. You may just fall in love with your house all over again. For those of you who need staging for the sale of your home, you might not want to leave after you see what she can do. Highly recommended!

  • What a pleasure working with Tracy from Boston Remodels. She is very knowledgable, and can recommend, suggest,approve of or disagree with colors, patterns, textures, placings, etc., and make one feel very comfortable and happy with the final decisions. Without her help it would have taken us much much longer to select the tile, carpeting, paint colors, furniture rearrangements, changes, etc. to our entire home. We would recommend using Boston Remodels to anyone considering redecorating or updating their home.

  • This was my second project with Boston Remodels. Tracy came with tile samples and we discussed design options. After selecting a tile, the entire project was completed within a week. The kitchen back splash looks fantastic and I have received a number of compliments. I highly recommend Boston Remodels.

  • The results are lovely and within budget Boston Remodels first helped us pick colors of paint for each room in the house. My husband and I are horrible at this and love all of the great colors we now have in our home. We then had Tracy design and contract a bathroom overhaul in my sons bathroom.

  • Boston Remodels went above and beyond the call of duty! Tracy is smart, friendly and knows her stuff. Her taste is impeccable and her designs reflect the personalities of the client along with her own superb knowledge. Our renovation came out better than I ever imagined and I have Tracy to thank. I'd recommend her to anyone looking to spruce up a room OR do a renovation. Great taste and superb to work with! We redesigned our living room, renovated our kitchen and overall gave our house a cohesive feel.

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